Copywrite and Wrong

Copywrite and Wrong

We‘ve all heard it – “First impressions last a lifetime…” This credo has been beaten into us since our ability to form thoughts and retain information. And guess what? It holds true in the world of copy and content development. Language and the creation of content trigger these impressions, and if done poorly can lead to an unfavorable perception of your brand. So, be sure to pay special attention to who you entrust to craft your copy and design your content as these words often make or break a website.

With that in mind, here’s a fun example of what some of our local clients’ could have put on their sites.

All fun aside, we do love this city and the colorful range of people that live here – but which first impression would leave you yearning for more

The Good.

About Us

FSC is a technology-focused marketing firm specializing in research, strategy, web, social media, PR, consulting and print solutions. We engage with clients on solving business challenges through various marketing channels.

By entrusting brands to us, our clients get a committed group of fun, highly motivated and passionate creative minds, who all share a common goal of client success.

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The Not-So-Good.


Hey yinz guys! FSC is‘a technology-based marketing cupny who figgurd aht how to git’air clientele to higher their success through research, da web, and udder tetnikal doohickeys. FSC an ahr people can help your bidness faster than da Thunder Bolt dahn Kennywood!

FSC is conveniently located in bewdiful Dahntahn Picksburg, in the Gulf Tower cattycorner to the jigunda Still Building.

If yer nebby you can call us at 412.471.3700 or go ta n’at.

Worried that your ‘dialect’ might hold you back? Test yourself here, and share your results, or your memorable ‘language mishaps’ on our Facebook page!