Ghoulish Best Practices

Ghoulish Best Practices

Here at FSC, we start planning our Halloween costumes in June. Like many Americans, we spend months planning the perfect costume, buying the right candy to delight Trick-or-Treaters and planning the perfect Halloween bash.

After many of our Halloween discussions we got to thinking, maybe Halloween has taught us something about marketing…

2011 Halloween Takeaways:

  • Always be over-prepared – no one wants to be the house that runs out of candy by 8:30.

What it means to marketers: Make sure your team is prepared to deliver what was promised to your client.

  • Details Matter – don’t create a costume “half-way” unless you are prepared to answer the forever annoying question, “Wait, what are you?”

What it means to marketers: You can’t let the little things slip through the cracks. Spell check. Re-read your work. Double check the pictures. This will pay off every time.

  • Give more than expected – why hand out a mini snickers when you can pass out a king size? It’s a sure fire way to become the number one house on the neighborhood candy watch-list.

What it means to marketers: Always over deliver to your clients – this will establish trust and loyalty.

  • Be passionate – get into character. Don’t just act like a mime – BE A MIME.

What it means to marketers: Don’t just complete projects for your clients – be proactive and help your clients. Learn the industry, read the journals, get into it!

Happy Haunting!